Amisha Yoga & Mediation
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Yoga and Meditation with Amisha

With a love of yoga for that has spanned over a decade, it was a natural progression to teach. Making yoga a central part of my life has led to profound shifts in the freedom and empowerment I feel in both my body and ‘off the mat’. I have been amazed at how yoga has healed long term injuries I thought were for life, and created clarity and clearness in my mind.

I enjoy sharing this sweet practice with the over worked, over stressed folks of London, (of which I was one for many years!). I studied a form of Dynamic Yoga inspired by the Anusara tradition which means “flowing with nature”. My classes are strong, focusing on clear alignment, with deep relaxation at the end. I use playful theming, mantra and my experience of exploring world wisdom traditions to bring a depth, joy and grounding to my classes.

What I love about yoga is that it really is for everybody. It doesn’t matter what age you are or how ‘fit’ or flexible you are. Everyone that shows up finds something that they are looking for (and normally something they didn’t expect). Whether it is freedom from pain, great sleep, emotional stability, deeper authenticity, strength, self-acceptance, fearlessness, or something else, yoga can help you create and live the life that you want with more awareness and grace.

As well as movement through yoga, I believe in the power of stillness and creating space. I meditate daily and often include meditation in my classes or teach meditation on its own privately or through Sunday Night Soul.

There are so many benefits to yoga, it isn’t the same as exercise where we often over extend ourselves and become breathless. We lose our awareness and can then create more strain patterns and trauma. Yoga instead works with our breath, awareness and body. This combined with the relaxation at the end, allows our body to activate our natural body intelligence and healing process, often leading to profound experiences.

The Benefits of Yoga include:

  • boosting our immune system
  • increased strength, stamina and flexibility
  • improved posture
  • increased fitness
  • weight loss
  • toning the body
  • improved blood circulation and lymph flow
  • balancing the nervous system
  • quietening the mind
  • calming anxiety
  • stress releif
  • reduced food cravings
  • improve vitality
  • developing co-ordination
  • enhancing concentration and attention
  • clearer mind
  • calmness
  • clearing emotional blockages
  • inner peace
  • increased energy
  • better relationships
  • unlock inner potential
  • improved sleep
  • increased intuition
  • feeling more alive and present in each moment
  • living more consciously and mindfully
  • opening of energy channels of the subtle body (nadis)
  • increased flow of life-force and healing energy (prana)
  • nourished psychic energy centres (chakras)


Come to my classes in London:


Full details on my events calendar.


Private Yoga & Meditation:

I teach private sessions to individuals or small groups in your home, office or online info here.


Corporate Yoga & Meditation

I do a workshop for teams called Wisdom at Work, and also offer weekly classes, info here.


Workshops, Courses and Retreats:

I run workshops and retreats every year including a week in Ibiza, and in a beautiful forest in the UK, as well as pay as you like sessions in the park and amazing spaces, info here.


*** For more information or if you have any questions, e-mail takeamoment (at) Updates and yoga inspirations also shared on my yoga facebook page and through 108 London.

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  • Amisha has lots of soul and spirit and this candlelit meditation that includes music, readings and simple silence was a lovely, heart warming experience. Thank you Amisha.

    Sandra Business
  • A powerful class. I experienced truly deep relaxation during Savasana with Amisha

    Neliana Fashion Designer
  • I had such a beautiful time at last week’s Sunday night soul. I felt a sense of calm as soon as my foot stepped through the doors….The smell of the incense burning….the flicker of all the cute little candles and all the beautiful music created this perfect little oasis of calm in the City. It was pretty magical….The Sauna at the end of the session was the delicious cherry on top. Still feeling blissed out and renewed……Just want to extend a big cyber ‘high five’ and ‘Thank you’ to Amisha our host…..Who was a wonderful guide…Such an inspiration. Can’t wait til I get to go again… I’m practically thinking of moving to London so that I can.

    Linda Actress
  • I always look forward to yoga with Amisha, her energy is calming and nurturing and her classes uplift my mind and spirit as much as my body!

    Ali Actress
  • Amisha knows her yoga upside-down and inside-out, she is playful and brings so much more to her classes than the average teacher. I ain't a yoga bunny but LOVE what she does. She is deeply connected to all things divine and just being in her presence is worth it, trust me.

    Lucy Performer
  • Amisha's yoga course is a wonderful mix of Workshop, Teaching, Exercise, Interaction and Meditation/Relaxation. I am taking a lot of energy away from the class which carries me over the week. Only drawback? I might find it difficult to go back to a normal 'run-of-the-mill' class after this!

    Annett Pharmacist
  • Yoga is usually either too fluffy or too hardcore. Amisha's classes are gentle yet really strong. I always feel how hard I have worked the day after whilst feeling relaxed during and after the class.

    Debra Business
  • The way Amisha teaches is so accessible and comfortable, deep without pretension, so it feels light but powerful at the same time. There is a special quality that she has in the way she teaches and connects.
    Daniel Journalist

“Yoga is like music: the rhythm of the body, the melody of the mind, and the harmony of the soul create the symphony of life.”
― B.K.S. Iyengar


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