“We can activate the codes of the new world in ourselves right now, and become a walking invitation for the emergence of that reality.”

Clare Dubois on All That We Are podcast

We find ourselves living in a moment in time where we can create anything. The paradigm that has kept us small, separated from our Intuition and held back our creativity is dying. We are creating the future through how we live our lives, the ways we work (and play), and the seeds we are planting.

This makes us all leaders, as each one of us impacts the future.

Beautiful Leadership invites you to be a leader of your own life, and have the courage to live with intentionality and birth the seeds of your soul into this world. Beauty is what stirs us as humans, what brings meaning to our lives, and what invites us to leave a legacy for future generations.

Amisha’s leadership mentoring is a powerful one-to-one programme designed to assist you in creating space to show up for yourself each day, and to bring your visions into this world.

This is about listening to the voice of knowing inside of you, slowing down and being able to give to yourself and your community in a clear and conscious way.

In these times of uncertainty, we need to lead with creativity, intuition and flow. We need to be courageous to bring something new into this world, that moves us away from burnout and extraction culture.

We can’t be afraid of the messiness of this world (and of us as humans). We need to embrace our complexity, and the dance between our inner and outer worlds, so that we may be empowered, embodied, and inspired leaders.

“Beautiful Leadership has been an enriching rooting experience to my personal pursuit in unravelling the garden that makes me, the ecosystem that I am. In my complexity and in my simplicity, in my capacity to create and destroy, whether still or in movement, with intention or in reaction, there is beauty to observe if I dare to look. This mentoring programme is a remembrance that it takes the mud and the flies to reach the sweetest of smells from the most stunning of flowers – you have to do the work. In this space with Amisha you will find the most generous and diverse range of tools, habits and strategies to guide you on a flourishing path that you seed within for a lifetime.” Christina, Social Entrepreneur & Female Founder 

Who is it for?

You are a leader in some way – a social entrepreneur, activist, teacher, facilitator, politician, parent, artist, innovator, disrupter, edgewalker, writer, healer, creative etc. You value purpose and connection. People in your life look to you for guidance and direction. Perhaps you are pushing boundaries and doing something that hasn’t been done before.

You have really been doing the work, attending personal development or spiritual courses, retreats or ceremonies, and yet like so many of us you still struggle with keeping these core realisations alive in your daily life, and finding the courage to bring your visions (fully) into this world.

You may have a demanding work and family/social life, and find it hard to carve out time for yourself. You find yourself stuck in the same patterns feeling like you aren’t moving forwards. It affects your relationship with yourself, your relationships with others and your work. Perhaps you feel some shame for still being wrecked with insecurity, indecision or laziness. Or you are close to or prone to burnout. Maybe you struggle with productivity and staying focused. Or feel that although you are successful, you aren’t bringing your true vision to the world. Maybe you have anxiety, insomnia or depression despite things going relatively “well” in your life. Maybe you know you are holding back, not living true to your values or integrating what you are learning. Maybe you are in a transition and need to find the courage to let go and create the new. Maybe you are in a great place with yourself and just need that extra bit of support to launch your new vision.

You have a commitment to your own healing and want to give back to your community and society at large. You want to live from the wisdom of your soul, and find your ways to contribute to what may be possible for our collective future. You need support to anchor inner shifts, new patterns and ancient wisdom into your daily life. You want to create a stronger relationship with your intuition and the way you do things. You want to understand yourself better – your unique gifts, your ancestral trauma and the beautiful legacy that only you can create.

Amisha has designed this programme based on what she would have liked to have to support her in staying grounded, becoming present and empowered whilst creating beautiful work in the world.

“Amisha has been an incredible mentor and has helped me to better understand my vision and gifts, and most importantly how I am standing in my own way.  It is game changing to work with someone who understands and has experienced first hand the world I have worked in, and has also navigated her way through the noise, barriers and naysayers, to building something incredibly powerful, unique and world changing.  She is a very special soul, and her wisdom is seemingly boundless.  She is also good fun to work with!” Georgina, writer and joyful activist

How does it work?

This mentoring programme has been designed for you to participate from anywhere in the world, even when you are travelling or going through a particularly demanding period at work, so you don’t need to worry about disruptions to the flow. We were working with video calls long before the pandemic and find it a powerful medium. Something happens when you are in your own space and get to integrate the work then and there.

We find a time each month that works for you and Amisha, to sit together in two live video sessions, and the rest is done over email or text at your convenience. We combine organisation (having all sessions booked through a calendar system) with listening to what’s needed (you are free to move sessions if you need to as life happens).

One of the most challenging aspects of awakening and self-actualisation, is integrating the realisations and inner shifts that take place on retreats or workshops into the routines and chaos of your daily life.

The keys aspects of this mentoring are:

* Self-love practices (more than self-care, we design practices and rituals for your life where you not only take care of yourself, but you live a life of deep love and respect to who you are and your relationship with the sacredness of your life)

* Strategy and practical support for your life and your work (this can look like re-designing the ways you do things to live the wisdom that you know so that it becomes embodied, not just a nice idea)

* Developing self-awareness (through the reflections from the sessions, you see yourself in a new way, learn to dance in your shadows and see your beautiful gifts)

* Releasing of old patterns (through the energy work we do, you let go of patterns that may have been showing up again and again in your life, ancestral trauma, ways you are holding yourself back and fear. We do it in a way where you don’t have to re-live the stories in your mind, but actually let the energetic imprints go from your system so you have more space)

* Planting a new inner garden (we plant seeds each session of qualities that you have deep inside you but are not embodied, these can be simple such as Self Worth or your spiritual gifts. Over the programme you learn how to nurture and integrate these seeds so that they become a part of who you are and you don’t have to make any effort live from these seeds)

* Permission to live from an embodied, empowered and intuitive place (we open up deeper connection with the more than human world so that you can live a richer life of connection and flow, letting go of cultural paradigms that have stopped you before, and living a life where you feel supported by something bigger than you)

Why Mentoring? 

The real key is that you will have Amisha by your side to support you in integrating and activating what you have already learnt, as well as to explore and clear blocks that keep you trapped in restrictive patterns. You will quickly feel the empowerment of a daily practice that gives you space and deepens your connection to yourself.

Research shows the likelihood of doing something goes up from 10% (having an idea) to 95% if you have a specific timeline and somebody with whom you are accountable. You have likely never had anyone in your life that holds this kind of space where your relationship with the sacred, how you show up for yourself and what you do in this world all come together. Amisha does this with gentleness, openness, and playfulness. Less of the whip, more of the compassion that gives permission and births possibility.

This is mentoring not coaching. This isn’t about quick fixes, but about making an actual commitment to learning about yourself and the patterns guiding you – creating genuine inner and outer connection. It involves facing parts of yourself you may have shut out – and giving yourself time and space to go deeply into this work.

Sometimes this work is subtle, and sometimes it quickly shifts your entire perspective in a moment. It’s powerful, and you learn how it is possible to live from your heart and your intuition.

We go beyond what you know, and delve into what is normally hidden.

95% of our thoughts come from our subconscious mind, 75% of these are often limiting and self-sabotaging and were formed mostly from the last trimester of when we were in utero until around the age of seven. When we reprogram our subconscious, and become more present – we can create more of what we desire in our lives and be free from the repeating loops of old patterns that we have been living out.

As leaders if we do not do our inner work, we project outwards our own stuff, which in turn damages the work we do and those around us.

This programme is about going beyond spiritual bypassing, narcissism, tourism and materialism – but really learning how to support yourself and others from a place of compassion, kindness and depth. And in turn understanding how to rise up and embody your values with courage and strength.

You don’t have to “be spiritual” to take part in this programme, but have an openness to meditation, energy and embodiment.

What happens in the live video sessions?

We will decide together what to focus on in each session, for example it might be issues such as building confidence, low self-worth, anxiety, insomnia, stress, relationships or we can simply see what arises. We generally address something fresh in each session.

These sessions are tailored to your individual needs and might include:

* Intuitive Therapy – deep work on your subconscious patterning; clearing blockages, releasing traumas and recharging your system. This is the core of the way we work together – using this intelligence to bridge the gap between your psyche and your essence. (This is the generally the main tool we use as it’s the most powerful so please read this page carefully)

* Mentoring – using a variety of coaching tools to work together on specific blocks, being your spiritual cheerleader, supporting you to carve out time and make commitments to yourself and your inner growth. Amisha can also share her experience and how she has done certain things in her life and business to support you in seeing what is possible and how you can do it.

* Integration – anchoring any realisations or practices that you have already been exposed to, and learning how to make the work you do in the sessions become part of who you are.

* Intuition – learning how to work with and use your intuition in a clearer way, and opening to your own wisdom and vision that you want to birth into this world.

* Meditation – learning to meditate and creating a regular practice for yourself or exploring different styles of meditation.

* Pranayama (Breath work) – learning to change your state through conscious breath work.

* Embodiment – learning how to get out of your mind and into your body so your healing and wisdom opens up.

* Biohacking – using new technology and ancient wisdom to have you feeling energised, healthy and radiant.

* Rituals – learning how to work with rituals to mark transitions in your life.

* Consulting – learning how to bring regenerative practices into your work, so you can integrate your values into your life and business.

* Strategy – if your mentoring is focused around your business or the launch of something new then we create some frameworks around this to support your work.

The sessions are 90 mins, and the usual flow is; starting with embodiment and stillness practices, opening space to discuss the practices and integration work and the theme of this session, ending with the intuitive therapy work. As it’s tailored for you, we will create a programme that fits your needs and your nature. The sessions will be supported by videos, and other resources.

“Working with Amisha was an incredible experience, she is a wise and intuitive leader with a gift for really seeing people and facilitating a community committed to being present in the world, and to contributing positively with soul and grace. Through the Beautiful Leadership Immersion I was able to connect with this thoughtful community and learn from Amisha and other leaders possessing deep generosity, clarity and a commitment to really co-curating a beautiful future. The mentoring sessions are powerful and supportive experiences with very practical rituals and practices that help integrate the session insights and become more aware of and then clear the blocks that were preventing me from deeper connection with myself. Each session feels like a gift, where I can show up with all my messiness, unclear communication and heightened emotions and know I am being listened to without judgement and offered guidance and insight attuned to what I need. Overall I have come from this immersion and mentoring with much deeper alignment with my purpose, and with greater self worth and courage to really step into leadership with greater clarity of vision that I didn’t have before. And I have really felt my creativity open up tremendously.” Carrie, Consultant

The Programme

At the start:

  • Wellbeing Consultation – (Introductory session live video call 2 hours)
  • Set of commitments for the duration of the programme including a daily practice (design and agreement)
  • Overview of what it is that you would like to shift over this period – perhaps launching a project or getting clear in yourself though a transition.
  • An ebook with a set of practices and wellbeing tips

Every Month:

  • 2 x 90 min live video sessions
  • Daily Practice design and review (with supporting audio/video – meditations, mantras and if desired yoga sequences)
  • On-going Commitments review (and changing them up so they don’t become routine)
  • Suggestions of practices for wellbeing, health, de-stressing and flow
  • Awakening of dormant qualities and gifts within
  • Suggestions of rituals to mark transitions
  • Seeds sent after each session for you to integrate and anchor
  • Weekly check in via email or text
  • Weekly reflection writing exercises
  • Replies to any questions that come up between sessions over email or voicenotes
  • Inspiration (poems, music, book recommendations)
  • Weekly energetic field clearing
  • Meditations and other gifts throughout the programme
  • Continual support and nourishment
  • You can also request extra sessions if and when desired


  • Five rituals designed to connect you deeper to yourself, your community and nature
  • You are gifted an additional session eight weeks after we finish to check in on whats unfolded
  • You are gifted three months of All That We Are membership to integrate after the 13 weeks
  • Option to continue for another thirteen weeks (after a break)
  • Option to integrate this with The Beautiful Leadership Immersion for supporting workshops, community and guest teachers to support your transformation into a new way of being (this is recommended if you haven’t done this before as it adds to the one to one work and means we can go much deeper together)

“For the first time in my life, I can say with certainty that I am at peace with the path I am on. The work Amisha and I have done over the last 6 months has unleashed my deepest, truest self. For years, my experience of life was akin to the suffocation and paralysis of being stuck in a cocoon whilst also enjoying it’s safety. Slowly, at a pace that felt comfortable to integrate, Amisha worked through the layers of thoughts and feelings I was entrapped by, at the same time as allowing true and full expression of all my colours and the form I was born to take. My journey with Amisha has been a joy, a privilege and far beyond what I could have imagined for myself a mere few months ago. Amisha, the only way I will ever be able to give due gratitude for all that you have facilitated, is to go forth, fly and share the truest depths of my soul and spirit with all I encounter.” Ami, Social Entrepreneur

words: toni morrison artwork: frank moth

Who is your mentor?

Amisha Ghadiali, is an award-winning social entrepreneur whose career has included demanding roles in the political, sustainability, fashion and tech start-up worlds. She has combined managing a high pressure lifestyle with her deep knowledge of regenerative living, mindfulness and yoga. At first exploring how to “have it all” and then completely rewilding her life and conscious business so that it is intuitive and in tune with her natural cycles and inspiration. Her knowledge and experience in different industries makes it easy for her to connect to your daily world and bring that extra illumination which makes it all flow.

Her own “burn out” whilst “trying to save the world” led her into training as a yoga and meditation teacher, which in turn opened a giant rabbit hole deeper into the mystical realms. In addition to over 1000 hours of teacher training in Yoga & Meditation, she has trained as a priestess, reiki master and intuitive energy healer. She is a believer in embracing being a multi-hyphen human, as learning how to embrace our wholeness is so key for a beautiful life. She brings all this depth and her fascination with the dance of our inner and outer worlds to her work.

This deep commitment to understanding truth combined with over 15 years of experience gives Amisha a strong base of Community Weaving, Sacred Activism and Innovation. She had key roles in visionary projects and social enterprises including: Ethical Fashion Forum, Impact Hub, Provenance, Fashion Revolution and Compass. Upon leaving university, she set up her own ethical jewellery label, with the tagline “elegance rebellion” which received several awards and accolades. Amisha brings this creative vision with social justice and the healing arts to everything she does.

Amisha’s words have appeared in publications including The Huffington Post, Rebelle Society & Ecouterre and she has spoken at events and festivals around the world such as TEDx Oxbridge, Bali Spirit Festival, Sunday Papers Live and UnBox. She is the author of “INTUITION: Access your inner wisdom, Trust your instincts, Find your path” which she wrote during the global lockdown of 2020.

Amisha is an experienced facilitator and has a gift of bringing people into connection with themselves, each other and the earth. She has hosted many retreats. workshops and rituals around the world, and designed programmes including The Heart of Transformation, Wild Grace, and a five month residential fellowship in community facilitation leadership. She creates brave, tender and inclusive spaces for our hearts unfolding, healing and embrace of our wildness. She is able to do this also with online spaces such as through the Style & Presence: A Reclamation of Worth womxn’s summit, The Beautiful Leadership Immersion and through regular events and circles.

Amisha is the host of the globally acclaimed podcast All That We Are (fka The Future Is Beautiful) which explores the weave between activism, the sacred, regeneration and creativity as moving beyond silos into an integrated way of being. The show offers deep, insightful, unedited conversations with fascinating and diverse guests, calling forth a challenging and open ended narrative for our expanding worlds. Previous guests have included Charles Eisenstein, Polly Higgins, Satish Kumar, Sally Kempton and Bruce Parry. The podcast is part of a project Amisha founded in 2010, which explored the question “what is the future you choose?” in a world where we could no longer trust in politicians and institutions to create the world we wish to live in. She edited the book The Future Is Beautiful (first published as The Future We Choose and launched at the Rio+20 climate summit in 2012) which has over 200 contributors sharing their vision of the world they wish to live in and how we can co-create it. As well as the podcast and book, there is a thriving online membership community  which supports the living of the wisdom shared so it may be embodied and we can support each other in co-creating a paradigm shift.


“I just finished a 6 month Leadership Mentoring Program with this passionate & radiant woman, Amisha Ghadiali. Words cannot describe the amazing experience I have had – truly. I have grown and found new parts of myself, found strength and power within I didn’t know was there. I have healed past wounds, and discovered new depths to my soul. I put in a lot of work and effort, and with her help and guidance I have grown so much. I’m so incredibly grateful I got to have this experience, and that I was able to go to India on her retreat and explore and grow even more.” Lynsey, Entrepreneur

“Since I’ve been working with Amisha, I’ve felt my heart swell each week with gratitude and wonder at how blessed I am and how much space for beauty there is as I go slower and ‘take in the view’. It’s exactly what I hoped for and it feels like home.” Faye, Financial Advisor

“Amisha had a positive impact on my journey.  I found my weak spots and she supported me in accepting and forgiving myself, building up self worth and opening my heart.. And trusting myself.” Christina, Business Executive

“Amisha has a very powerful energy which she kindly shares with the lucky ones around her. Since we started to work together last year on one of the most intense, emergent and beautiful projects of my life I was able to experience first hand her creative power and the fire that she holds. We had great sessions where we did personal/professional development and some powerful work on cleaning my energy field. I trust her and celebrate her path of helping others to align to their truth and essence.” Gabriel, Sustainability Consultant

“I have been working with Amisha for almost a year now. Her approach has focused on the spiritual side of my persona that is at the core of who we are and timeless. The narrative by which we present ourselves in daily life and different situations is often damaged by experiences in the past that we have not resolved or simply ignored. Amisha provides a safe place to open these doors and bring these out into the open so we can face them and reduce any negative impact these may be having on our lives. With her support I have found the strength to anchor powerful shifts in myself and bring in new daily habits that integrate these fully.” Brian, Tech Investor

“Amisha is a powerful and intuitive therapist. She created a safe space where I was able to open up and go deep into some issues and areas I wanted healing around. I felt very held and felt the permission to really go deep. Her care was very present sending me recordings and check ins. I have had some true break throughs around the areas we focused on. And am grateful for that. She is professional and brings here own style and a variety of practices.” Nikki, Coach and Social Entrepreneur

How To Apply

Amisha works with a very limited number of clients in this way, so that you each get the right level of support and attention.

Although one to one work, Amisha likes to work in a cohort – so there is a collective journey happening in the background which holds the whole process with more strength and ignition. This also means there is the option to integrate it with The Beautiful Leadership Immersion, where the one to one sessions fall on alternate weeks to seven themed workshops. This is highly recommended as it makes the process a deeper more powerful experience and answers many questions along the way. A discount can be applied for this when doing the immersion with the mentoring.

The next round is starting in Sept 2023 (onboarding by end of month so first session week of Oct 2nd)

Pricing is offered on a sliding scale as Amisha believes that this kind of work needs to be accessible. The lowest price tier of £1555/$2220 for thirteen weeks. (Or three instalments of £555/$800).

If you are in a position where you can pay a higher tier, this gives us the ability to support more non-profit work and share ‘all that we are’ wider. These rates are £3110/$4400 or £4660/$6600. You choose your tier based on your income.

If you are interested in a leadership mentoring package for you and your team or business partners, we can discuss how we can create a bespoke package for you.

Apply to join the mentoring, by booking a call with Amisha here. (pick a date before Sept 29th – sooner the better as places do fill up) 

If there is no time slots available that work to you, please email us and we can arrange this. If you have already had a session with Amisha in the past – then get in touch and we can get you enrolled.

If you have any questions or need any help, send a message to takeamoment(at)amisha.co.uk

Amisha believes in making her work available for all (as the worlds of wellbeing and personal development can be very exclusive and uphold systems of oppression). She has offerings at different price points all the way to free (the podcast is offered as part of the gift economy). If the mentoring is not within your reach at this time, you can receive a bursary for The Beautiful Leadership Immersion, book a private session with Amisha, join All That We Are membership, or listen to the podcast. She is also able to make one bursary mentorship place available where you get the mentoring and immersion for the above price. E-mail if you want to apply for this or mention this when booking your discovery call. 

If you want to find out more about the perspective behind this programme, you can get this ebook and watch a video here – How to lead with flow, creativity and intuition during times of uncertainty.

Or you can watch this short video she shared recently on instagram about this work.

Or listen to this podcast episode where Amisha shares more about Beautiful Leadership.90