Intuitive Therapy is a powerful tool which works on physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual levels. During one of my personal sessions we do a complete clearing of your energetic fields and balance the energy flow in your body. We go into the root cause of traumas, blockages & issues in your subconscious that are effecting you in the present and are ready to be released. We create new tools, re-wire your neural pathways and develop qualities within you to give you a fresher and more potent perspective on your self and your behaviour patterns.

If we had “perfect childhoods” and “perfect societies” we would evolve all human qualities in equal measure, but as this isn’t possible there are some that we never establish within. For example if somebody has never known self-worth, it’s hard to just have it all of a sudden. We can read books, or do courses and find them helpful, but often the shifts don’t stay because there is no true inner reference point for this quality. A unique part of this work is finding and activating these dormant qualities as seeds that we plant that can then be grown and nurtured over the integration period, allowing us to live in more of our wholeness.

Each session is completely different; please see testimonials below for insight into the experience.

Come to my Hackney studio in London, or we can work remotely in exactly the same way, through a video call where you relax in your own space. I have been working through video calls for many years and find it to be quite amazing and powerful to do this work in your own space where you can rest afterwards.

You can come for a session for any kind of issue you are experiencing – and we will work on the root cause. For example: anxiety, stress, depression, insomnia, heartbreak, grief, eco-anxiety, decolonisation, high sensitivity, lack of self confidence/self worth, ancestral trauma, integration of intense spiritual experiences or simply wanting to experience more wonder, connect deeper with your intuition and embody more of your potential.

* Intuitive Therapy Sessions are One Hour (and can be longer on request if you want to work deeper and explore more layers)

In these sessions, we clear your energy field, balance your chakras and work with one or sometimes a few specific issues – clearing the trauma patterns and activating dormant qualities within.

* Wellbeing Consultation – 120 mins

A one off session where we look at your habits, patterns and routines and work to create more wellbeing in your life. This includes a 30 mins intuitive therapy session working with the current energetic blocks around this.

* Beautiful Leadership Mentoring – Three Month Programme

A powerful one-to-one leadership programme designed to assist you in creating space to show up for yourself each day and to facilitate the formation of lifelong habits that will support and nurture your inner and outer connections. You receive fortnightly intuitive therapy sessions and a wellbeing consultation as well as extra resources and support (more info here).

*** With all intuitive work, the integration time plays an important role where you strengthen the new patterns we have created and grow the qualities we have activated. I give you guidance on how to do this and some complimentary guided mediations and other techniques that you can work with.

This is a form of intuitive energy healing. After completing my Reiki Master Certificate in 2006, this work emerged and continues to draw on the knowledge and initiations that I have received from teachers, healers, and mystics over the years since. This includes over 1000 hours of yoga and meditation teacher training, and studying psychology. I have been offering these sessions regularly since 2015, and am the author of Intuition: Access Your Inner Wisdom, Trust Your Instincts, Find Your Path.

These studies of my intuition are in service to the full realisation of your own.

If you are ready to book, you can do so here through my calendar. For more information or to read the FAQ’s, please scroll down and fill out the enquiry form and I will get back to you very quickly with everything you need.

Every session is different as it’s tailored for you, here are some testimonials to give you an idea:

“Amisha is a gifted and intuitive healer. Friendly and welcoming, she creates a safe space for you to come home too. Then she takes you on a journey through your self, unpicking knots and clearing blocks. Working through your deepest fears & shadows sounds daunting but Amisha has a great lightness and sense of humour along the way. I found the session uniquely illuminating and empowering.” Bridget, Yoga Teacher

“Amisha and I have had now completed two Deepen sessions together. On both occasions, I have been struck by the tangible energy movement during the sessions. There is a distinct feeling of defined shifts taking place. The clarity and calm I have been infused with, in the weeks and months following the sessions are marked and very much contributing to an increased sense of well-being and calm now integrated into my life and mindset. My personal relationships have greatly improved as a direct result of this.” Joe, Events Management

“After the healing, I felt my energy flowing better and clearly. I am conscious that some blockage are gone and I behave differently in situations where I have been many times and felt always the same sensations. A sense of lightness, joy and less worry is surrounding me, the relationships with people around are more bright and my wife and I are more and more in love!” Ago, Mixologist

”I really enjoyed the session with Amisha – it was the first time I’d had any energy work done and she really put me at ease, explaining everything that was going to happen and giving some context. I felt really well looked after during the session and afterwards, where she sends you a care package with some lovely meditations and advice for what to expect next. I have definitely felt a shift in the themes that arose during the session and have become more aware of qualities that I want to welcome into my life. I am grateful, Amisha is a wonderful human!” Sarah, Musician and Coach.

“I love energy healing work, and have seen many practitioners of all sorts of modalities. I’ve been training and practicing energy healing myself since 2004. A session with Amisha is a uniquely useful and uplifting experience. In my experience, one of the keys to a good healing is working with someone who sees very clearly and is able to articulate and bring what they see into words with skill and compassion. Amisha is holding these keys with ease; moreover, she knows how to work *with* you, rather then *on* you. This awakening of your own agency in the session is so important and so empowering. If you’re wondering whether or not energy healing is for you – I can tell you that in my experience, energy work is the only way to get traction on certain annoying, repetitive, and painful issues in life. If you’re wondering whether or not to work with Amisha – please don’t hesitate. A session with Amisha can give you more freedom, which you will feel reverberating in your life afterwards. And she brings her delicious, bright, and graceful presence to it. What a gift.” Leila, Healer

“Amisha is a gifted light, through working with her I was able to deepen my self worth and clear some of the blockages that were stopping me reaching my full capacity to simply be me! Amisha creates a space for deep work that permeates through layers of conditioning to help each individual access their most powerful selves and heal trauma.” Sophie, Reflexologist

“Amisha is an intuitive and empathetic healer her connection to the energies of the subtle body enabled her to support me in moving through patterns and conditioning without the usual telling of my ‘stories’. I would recommend this work to any one that is keen to work out old habits or patterns, that is experiencing emotional releases in Yoga but can’t put a finger on why.” Jessica, Gardener

“I left the session feeling incredible – so free, fresh and energised. As a form of therapy it was great. I can’t thank her enough for this work with me. It was truly enlightening and I would recommend to anyone..” Will, Teacher

“Amisha took me on a journey through moments in my life that were nesting tension, and with her soft voice and strong energy, she unblocked them. I left the session feeling light and optimistic. With a real clarity in regards to what things I had to change in myself to decrease the amount of negative energy that I was absorbing from my job and my daily life. I still remember the last image she had during our session, it was beautiful.” Anais, Actress

“Amisha made me feel very comfortable and relaxed before we started. After a brief chat, to my surprise, Amisha went on to seeing and describing specific events that happened in my life which had created an ’emotional trauma’. I had no idea those events and emotions had caused such an impact, I believed that by being ‘strong’ and consciously choosing not to cry over things, not over think and pay little attention to them, they would have been dealt with and dissolved. I confess I was quite proud of being that way and felt so emotionally stable. It was only when the healing started that I realised how much I was keeping inside. Her approach was more of a psychologist than of a healer, helping me understand why and how each blockage arouse and how to release it. I had more clarity to observe the recurring patterns in mind/life and felt a lot lighter after leaving. I will be recommending her to my friends and family.” Vivien, Film-Maker

“Amisha really took the time to make me feel comfortable in the space she created, not only incredibly professional but also a wonderful human and heartfelt touch about her approach to this work, I felt safe and relaxed throughout and have already seen and felt the benefits of what she did with her amazing gift.” William, Hairdresser

“Amisha is a powerful and intuitive therapist. She created a safe space where I was able to open up and go deep into some issues and areas I wanted healing around. I felt very held and felt the permission to really go deep. Her after care was very present sending me recordings and check ins. I have had some true break throughs around the areas we focused on. And am grateful for that. She is professional and brings here own style and a variety of practices.” Nikki, Life Coach

Additional Elements:

In addition to the intuitive therapy, you can add in some of the following to your sessions. This works well if you book a block of sessions and wish to bring in other aspects of spiritual practice to support your integration.

Working privately gives you the chance to really put your wellbeing first, and you will get my complete attention. All of the below can be done on video call as well as in person.

* Meditation – including learning to meditate and creating a regular practice.

* Mantra – bringing in different mantras to awaken certain qualities within us and deepen our meditation.

* Breath Work (Pranayama) – learning to change your state through conscious breath work.

* Mentoring – using different tools to work with you on specific blocks and being your spiritual cheerleader, helping you find time and make commitments to yourself and your inner growth.

I bring in tools and wisdom I have learnt from my spiritual studies and leadership coaching to look at ways of setting you up in the morning for a happy & productive day, ways of working with stress, anxiety and potential burnout, and ways to unwind and improve sleep as well as any specific things you wish to work on.

And Beautiful Leadership Mentoring is a three month one to one journey which brings all of this together tailored especially for your needs.

If you are ready to book, you can do so here through my calendar. Sessions are £110 an hour and there are different options available. For more information or to read the FAQ’s, please fill out this enquiry form and I will get back to you very quickly with everything you need.