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As we come to terms with the Covid Crisis in India, many are asking how they can help. We have shared this immunity protocol on Episode 136 of All That We Are podcast – SHRUTI GANGULY ON PANDEMIC GENOCIDE, CULTURAL WEALTH AND RESISTANCE REVIVAL. This episode and the links there explain more about what is happening in India right now and how you can help. (Including this link of NGO’s to donate to)

Charlotte Pulver, from episode 124 of the podcast, has put together this immunity protocol for how to support people in India during this crisis. Charlotte has been working with specialists in the UK as the Frontline Immune Support Team, who have been getting supplements and research out to nurses and other NHS workers to support their health through the pandemic. You can learn more about Charlotte’s incredible work through this conversation – CHARLOTTE PULVER on FRONT LINE IMMUNE SUPPORT, WATER AND PILGRIMAGE.


As the Frontline Immune Support website has not yet launched, we are sharing this protocol here. It is my wish as Indian Diaspora, and as All That We Are, that this protocol is shared far and wide with those who live in India and well as those working in the villages.

If you are in India, have friends or relatives in India, work for an NGO, or are connected to one, please share it, so we can support more people during this time with their health. Health and Immunity is so key in a pandemic for everyone in every country regardless of financial wealth. We really want these basic and potentially life saving ways of supporting people to get out there so that lives can be saved and there isn’t a reliance on hospitals and oxygen.

From Charlotte:

Here are 2 immune support protocols for communities in India. One for those who have the financial means (Protocol 1) and another one for people doing out reach work wanting to help people on the ground in providing free support (Protocol 2). Even just given people ascorbic acid Vitamin C for free which can last them for 2-3 months with instructions of how to take, will make a huge difference. In Wuhan in China this is what the government provided for every frontline worker.

Everything can be obtained within India itself. Myself and the Frontline Immune Support Team I formed in 2020 put together this protocol together and lent their thoughts to it. I have also included medical research links for those interested in reading up on the effectiveness of such holistic medical support. 

I have included links to products you can find in India on Amazon. Not saying people need to order from this site if they have means to find products elsewhere and at a better price. It’s just a good basis for people to understand what kind of products quality wise to go for. I have also added a few notes next to each section describing what type of product to look for.

I have seen such a protocol literally help thousands of people in the UK both in the NHS frontline and general public this past year to great effect both for prevention and in onset of symptoms. If people utilise this protocol in India I know it will be a great asset in both prevention and treatment in onset of symptoms. Feel free to get in touch if you have any further questions about any of this.



Please find a immune support protocol which is both immune protective; and helpful to work with in onset of symptoms in aiding a swift recovery.

Vitamin C  is very helpful in assisting immune resilience, and dealing with heavy viral loads. It is helpful to take liposomal Vitamin C which is the best absorbable Vitamin C on the market. Next best is ascorbic acid Vitamin C (made by the DSM company which is a Scottish based company with headquarters around the world, they have one in Mumbai, I have included their contact details at the end of this page. They make a non GMO ascorbic acid which is very high quality).If it is proving difficult to find liposomal Vit C, or funds are an issue – I’d recommend keeping the liposomal Vit C on hand just in case of onset of symptoms and take the ascorbic acid on a daily basis.Vitamin C has a short half-life in your body so you need to take it throughout the day
Preventative: – If at work, or around lots of people out in the world: 3g a day – spread through the day – morning, mid-day and evening- Not at work: 1g a day
Symptoms:– Mild: 3-6g a day– spread through the day – morning, mid-day and evening- Acute: 3g immediately in onset of symptoms. Then 1g every hour until symptoms start to subside 
Liposomal Vit C
Ascorbic Acid Powder: Amazon Link

Vitamin D  plays a critical role in promoting immune response. It has both anti-inflammatory and immune-regulatory properties and is crucial for the activation of immune system defences. Vitamin D has been scientifically proven to successfully prevent and/or treat many viruses, including 5 coronaviruses similar to COVID-19. You can get your daily dose of Vitamin D by spending 20 minutes each day in the sun; if you have good sunshine where you are I would highly recommend receiving this natural support from the sun. D3 is the form of Vitamin D you need to access, it is fine to take on its own for short term treatment. If you’d like to take Vit D ongoingly due to it’s immune boosting support we recommend you take D3+K combined. There are many products which contain both together.
Prevention: – Take 50,000IU 1 x week during pandemic- Every day take 1 x 4,000-5,000 IU 
Symptoms:– Take 50,000 IU immediately upon experiencing symptoms. Do this for 3 days, then continue to take 4,000-5,000 IU every day

Zinc helps to regulate the immune system and its innate antimicrobial activity. Zinc citrate is an easy accessible form of Zinc to take
Preventative: 15mg a day- 1  x capsule (15mg)
Symptoms: 30mg a day. – 2 x capsules
One of the common symptoms of Covid-19 is loosing your sense of taste and smell. This is often happens when the Zinc reserves are depleted in the body. Take 30mg a day until senses are restored.

Medicinal Mushrooms – Reishi & Cordyceps:  Clinical studies have shown that medicinal mushrooms help increase our innate adaptive immune response to a range of pathogens including viruses.  Reishi is effective in helping to reduce inflammation and for prevention. Whilst cordyceps actively protects the lungs and inhibits viral replication and comes into great effect the treatment of Covid.  
Preventative: Reishi – 1 capsule a day. Cordyceps – 1 capsule a day
Symptoms: Reishi – 2 capsules a day. Cordyceps – 2-6 capsules a day (1-3g)
Reishi: Amazon Link

Cordyceps: Amazon Link

Ashwagandha: Ashwagandha root, is a classical Indian herb known for its calming, energy-enhancing and immune-supportive properties. KSM-66 is known as the best ashwagandha root extract in the world and it is made in India.
Prevention & symptoms – 1 capsule a day
Amazon Link

Essential Oils: Some essential oils naturally have anti-microbial properties and can be immune-supportive and deeply protective. The ones selected are all indigenous essential oils in IndianYou can infuse them in your home and work spaces to kill airborne viruses, and apply directly to your body and inhale into your lungs. It is important that you use real essential oils and not perfumed essential oils which have no medicinal properties in them.

Infusing in your home and work spaces: Ones which are good to use – lemongrass / citronella / basil / fennel seed/patchouli
Use a metal cup or bowl of hot (not boiling) water – add 1 – 3 drops of one of the oils. The number of drops should vary according to the size of the room – 1 drop for a small space. 2-3 for larger spaces. Place on a flat surface, away from children, the infirm, and animals. Repeat each day.
Fennel and patchouli are non-stimulating oils, so could be used for evening use.
Lemongrass, citronella, and basil are stimulating oils so best used in the daytime.
Essential oils storage:- keep out of direct sunlight. Put the cap back on immediately after use.
Any household with an asthmatic or epileptic person should consult a doctor before diffusing the essential oils into the home.

Applying to the body and for inhalation: A good oil to use is Eucalyptus for protection against Covid and other viruses. Covid enters through the nasal passage so it is helpful to coat the nasal passage with a dilution of such oil daily especially if you are going out and are amongst lots of people.

Applying to nasal passage: dilute 1 drop of oil in 1 tsp of plain oils such as sesame or jojoba. Coat the inside of your nostrils with the oil. Dab the oil on your sternum, collar bone, wrist pulse points, and base of feet.

Inhaling: An easy effective way to inhale into the lungs is to put a few drops of the eucalyptus oil into a simple inhaler on a cotton wick Can use it to breathe into the lungs through your nostrils and mouth. This is what the inhalers look like: Inhalers Link

Homeopathy: Is widely practised in India and has some of the best homeopaths in the world. It is also incredibly inexpensive to make the medicines to give widely to people.
Prevention: Arsenicum 30c & Aconite 30c – 1 pillule a day of each is help to takeSymptoms: Arsenicum 20c & Aconite 30c – 1 pillue take every hour
In the UK, Ainsworths Pharmacy has made a Covid-19 nosode which has been helping people greatly in both prevention and treatment. They are regarded as the best homeopathic pharmacy in the world and suppliers to the Royal family too. If you’d like to take and share within your community please get in contact with Charlotte Pulver the creator of this protocol at: and it can be sent to you. 


If funds are an issue or you’d like to do some helpful effective outreach work in providing immune support that works to those who need it, both for prevention and in onset of symptoms.
The protocol is:

Vit C: see full details in the above. Just use ascorbic acid powder and take as directed. 
This was widely given out to frontline workers in Wuhan in 2020 in these dosages. Tonnes of Vitamin C was ordered and given out in this way. It made a difference and helped people keep protected. If only one thing could be given out to people this would be it. I would give people at least a 1-2 months supply. Have included a good Ascorbic Acid Vitamin C contact in the above. Otherwise work with what you have in India but best is Vit C Ascorbic Acid form.

Vit D: if people are not getting any sun, advise to get at least 20 mins a day. It will save your life and is free.

Essential Oil: follow the guidelines in Protocol No 1

Homeopathy: follow the guidelines in Protocol No 1To get homeopathic medicine out to many people, the UK homeopathic nosodes mentioned could be sent to a homeopath who could copy them on a homeopathic resonance machine and make endless amounts for people. Only costs involved would be buying the homeopathic pillage pills and bags to put them in which are all very inexpensive. 


Research Links:
Vit C
Vit D: – Check out the Translate button at the top, where the whole website can change to 100+ languages

Medicinal Mushrooms / Ashwaghanda:
Essential Oils:

**Ascorbic Acid: Vitamin C – DSM contact India**Unit No 107 B Wing 1st Floor, Navkar Chambers Marol Naka, Andheri Kurla Rd Andheri East Mumbai – 400059 IndiaEmail: Prakash@confiancelife.inPhone: +91 9930862068

Research Links:

VitCLink to document with Vitamin C Supporting Evidence

Vit C for Covid –

Vit D:  Link to document with Vitamin D Supporting Evidence

Vit D Wiki – – Check out the Translate button at the top, where the whole website can change to 100+ languages

ZincLink to document with Zinc Supporting Evidence

Medicinal Mushrooms /Ashwagandha: Link to document with supporting evidence

Essential Oils: Link to document with supporting evidence

Homeopathy: Link to document with supporting evidence

**Ascorbic Acid: Vitamin C – DSM contact India** Unit No 107 B Wing 1st Floor, Navkar Chambers Marol Naka, Andheri Kurla Rd Andheri East Mumbai – 400059 India Email: Phone: +91 9930862068

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