Goddess Lakshmi – Your Soul Radiance (Audio Download Gift)

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Two years ago, my incredible friend Loose Baker (who you might remember from our Being Light retreat) asked me if I would like to take part in her latest creation, The Spiritual Playground. It was to be a new stage at Secret Garden Party, bringing together the sacred and the profane. I said yes, but with some apprehension and joined the line up as the Goddess Lakshmi, the Indian goddess of love, abundance and beauty.

The Spiritual Playground is an interactive space led by Shesus, with a troupe of deities and belief systems including two Sisters, Merlin-Ji the mixed race medicine man, Buddha, The American Dream, Hanuman, Captain Lavender, Glutan the antichrist, Father Christmas, Yoni and Lingham. Over the days we dance, we laugh, we pray. We chant beyonce mantras at Praise Be to Bey, marry people through our weddings, and party at sunset with Shesus is a DJ. Words can’t explain it. You have to experience it for yourself.

Being part of The Spiritual Playground has been one of the most personally challenging and incredible things I have done. Coming at it, not as a performer but as a yoga teacher with a deep connection to the Hindu Goddesses, it was an inner challenge to learn how to invite in the divine play and not take it all so seriously. Making this shift for The Spiritual Playground has taught me how to bring this lightness, humour, and humility to everything I do.

AWOMAN to that.

If you are new to Goddess Lakshmi, she is often thought of as the goddess of money. And whilst she is abundance, she isn’t that new age I am going to chant for a new car and a hot boyfriend kind of abundance. The abundance that she wakes up inside us, is that of our deepest soul radiance. She teaches us to bring our whole self home. If we can unite the parts of our self we have cast out with the parts that we know are love, we can find more abundance, magic and unconditional love within ourselves and in our lives than we can imagine is possible…

With Lakshmi, everything is welcome, and our wholeness becomes our power, the unseen magic behind everything we do. Sharing yoga through myth and the deities is one of my favourite ways to teach, and is a big part of my retreats and workshops. At The Spiritual Playground, I teach morning yoga classes, themed on Lakshmi dressed as the Goddess and I am now teaching as Lakshmi at festivals and events around the world. All those arms make a very good hug!

I have recorded the story of Lakshmi, with the mantra – Om Shrim Maha Lakshmiyai Swaha, which you can download and listen to. And there is also a 90 mins asana class that you can do at home with me.

All you have to do to access it is go my gifts page, and follow the instructions.

GIFT // The files are called:

Lakshmi Myth & Mantra


Lakshmi Yoga Asana

plus you will find a bunch of other meditations, myths and mantras there.


This year is the last Secret Garden Party (as we know it), so who knows what will happen to The Spiritual Playground after this… If you this genuine opportunity of enLIGHTenment, come and join us.

You can follow us on Facebook, and look out for theatre shows from Shesus and the Sisters.

Photography by Emma Myrtle, apart from official Secret Garden Party photo by Justine Trickett. 


** To listen to the myth and the manta, head to the gifts page and download it – Click Here **

(the sound quality is good but the volume limited, so headphones recommended when you listen) 

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