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Here is a little peak at what I have been working on… A limited edition of handmade malas that can be worn as adornment and used for chanting mantras 108 times. I can’t tell you how good it feels to be designing and creating in this way again. I used to make jewellery to explore my spirituality, this is something I now realise. Fashion gave me a space where I could delve into what I wasn’t ready to fully integrate into my whole life. Through my collections I could explore different concepts and teachings. Yet I was always somehow embarrassed about my spiritual impulses and stopped myself many times from making them a central part of my life. Eventually there was no choice and I have never looked back. Now it feels like my spirituality is creating my jewellery. And these pieces are a pure expression of what I have learnt. They are born out of my love of chanting mantras, and every part of them is considered, from the healing energy of the stones chosen, to the colours, to their functionality, to the people who made them and of course their style, which is always an expression of the heart.

They range from £108-222 depending on the crystals used.

To go with the collection, I have recorded 17 of my favourite mantras, and made a little ebook that explains more about mantra practice and the mantras that I have chosen. This way your mala can be more than a fashion piece but something you bring into your daily life.

(from left to right)

Moonrise Dance * £111

Black Spinal and Rainbow Moonstone ~ intuitive. protective. good communication

Destined Flow * £222

Labradorite with Black Spinal tassel ~ mystical. protective. intuitive. fearless

Golden Armor * £108

Pyrite with purple silk tassel ~ protective. intelligence. confidence. grounding

Divine Heart * £177

Amethyst and Green Onyx ~ positive energy. focus. courage. wisdom

Mantra Guide * £10.80

An audio guide and ebook of 17 mantras explaining how and why to chant them (this if gifted with each mala or available to buy on it’s own).

Full information about the pieces and the mantra guide coming soon.

Now available in my online boutique.

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