Style & Presence

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Today I walk with Style and Presence

tuned into my inner grace.

Embodying my values through my core

from my crown down to my base.


Every part of my expression,

created from the heart.

Tapping into something deeper

and still looking the part.


Moving with warrior strength

yet wearing my heart on my sleeve.

Making a statement for a brighter world,

with love and light I breathe.


Listening to all around me,

and the voice inside my soul,

making time to be in stillness

from this place within I am whole.


Living with full intention,

to love the depths of who I am.

Embracing every part of myself,

the light, the darkness, I have.


Knowing that I am free,

to dream and imagine all we can be.

I make all the choices in my life

kind and generous to humanity.


Anchored true in my self-worth,

honouring my values with my purse.

Paying attention to the little things,

and what an impact they always bring.


Rising up in my authenticity,

empowered, centred, the pure essence of me.

Knowing that I make a difference,

showing up with Style and Presence.


*This poem is a small introduction to project I am working on. Rise Sister Rise. Happy International Women’s Day. 

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