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I was asked to take part in a beautiful project, and to invite participants from London, New York and Los Angeles to join. I was struck by the risky title for the project, Made in God, as this generation is a little bit fearful of the G word. Everything about mig was courageous as those who contributed were asked to share some of their deepest perspectives on life, religion and humanity as well as be filmed and photographed bare without the usual structures of personal identity such as clothes and make-up. It was a wonderful opportunity to confront myself and to understand myself further.

As shares:

‘god’ is a subject that has fascinated philosophers, scientists, prophets and artists since the beginning of time.
the ‘made in god’ project  is a collection of photographs, films, thoughts, opinions and quotes about an unknown substance we call ‘god’.

many religions believe that ‘god’ is love. love can be an intensely honest, fulfilling and warm emotion. love is often the reason why we behave in a manner for which we cannot explain. the absence of love can have catastrophic consequences, often leading to hate and war, destroying all that lay in its path. we may not be able to survive on love alone, but it just may be the one ingredient that we cannot endure life without.

we asked 101 people what ‘god’ is for them. is it still love? what is our idea of ‘god’ today? 101 men and women were photographed and filmed, all agreeing to wear nothing but love. along with a portrait, each sitter was invited to share their thoughts and feelings in the form of a written interview, detailing personal experiences, attitudes, and wisdom about one of the biggest mysteries in life.
the number of participants featured in the ‘mig’ project is symbolic of the 7 billion people living in the world today.
the aim of ‘made in god ‘ is to inspire. ‘made in god’ is a platform for authentic and impartial reflection.

Please do make your way through all 101 interviews, they each have something unique and inspiring to share and certainly have the power to reaffirm your faith in humanity. To get you started here are the links to my friends contributions, each one of these people is somebody that I share my path of discovering and awakening with. Each one has personally taught me many things and continues to be an inspiration and light in my life.

+ Leila Sadeghee, yoga teacher and therapeutic body worker, London

+ Vivien Vilela, actress and vision quest leader, London

+ Annegret Affolderbach, fashion designer, founder of Choolips, London

+ Ryan Fix, social entrepreneur, founder of Pure Project, New York

+ Sarah Fina Connerley, yoga teacher and founder of, Los Angeles

+ My contribution

++ Explore the Made in God. Project

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