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Last summer as part of my Future Fashion series at Shoreditch House, I interviewed designer Kerry Seager about her adventures in up-cycling. Junky Styling, founded in 1997 was inspired by the prevalence of recycling in places such as San Francisco and Tokyo and the resourcefulness of the people of Vietnam and Thailand. The company began in an exposed studio on a shop floor, reflective of a completely transparent working practice. Junky is an innovative design-led label. All garments are made from the highest quality second hand clothing, which is deconstructed, re-cut and completely transformed. The New Yorker described it as ‘an eccentrically chic line of mutant couture’. A focus and belief in individuality means that no two garments are ever exactly the same, a design concept which led Vogue to describe Junky as ‘high fashion street couture’. Kerry told us all about their journey, their book ‘Wardrobe Surgery’ and their recent move across Shoreditch from Brick Lane to Hackney Road.

You might also know my wardrobe surgery story with Junky Styling, who made my gorgeous winter coat (that in this weather I am still wearing daily!)

Here is the video from the event:

And of course I asked Kerry what her three top Rules To Dress By were, and this is what she shared:

1. Properly have a look at what you have got in your wardrobe, pull it out and turn it upside down, put it on back to front and just see what can work and what can’t work. Wear the skirt as a top. Or whatever you can do. Just try it out.

2. Just be fresh. You can wear one thing through different ways by the way that you accessorise it.

3. Value the clothes that you have got and if you are going to invest in something actually invest in something. Value, covert, love your clothes and express yourself through them.

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